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How to swim in the sky

On the other day, I was waiting for someone at the door of the entrance for 30 mins.

Basically I cannot swim. But some waiting time, or a cup of coffee, let me swim so great - in the ocean of possibility in my mind. Thus, I was having a good opportunity for swimming after long.

I have met several attractive people recently over a cup of coffee. 

I like nice people. I like a cup of nice coffee. When it comes to the combination of the both being in front of me, that is one of the greatest moments I love in my life. Yes, a small thing can be great thing just like a small person can be a great person! In fact people do not need much to be satisfied. They can feel rich with their minimums - only if they know exactly what they want, who they really are. 

The person came and we had a coffee. As the bottom of the cup started to be appeared, she said, tomorrow is another day. Then the day after tomorrow must be even greater day, that I thought.

Such a sunny day it was.